I wasn’t expecting liking this movie to the extend I did. Narratively I think it have many flaws, but OMG at the same time its such a pure portrait of unconditional love, and have such a (probably unrealistic but still) fantastic ending, that I just don’t care about the flaws and just let my self cry because of this.

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Wes Anderson: Indie music fans (although none will fess up to it).

Steven Spielberg: People who haven’t seen any movies

Jean Luc-Godard: Francophiles who are bitter

François Truffaut: Francophiles who are joyous

Ingmar Bergman: People who prefer books to movies

Sofia Coppola: Girls who want to make movies

Gus van Sant: LGBT teens

Michel Gondry: DIY types who are too busy making stuff to watch a whole lot of movies

Michael Bay: complete dumbasses

Tim Burton: High school art students with piercings and wild hair

Michael Moore: Politically active pinko liberals

The Coen Brothers: Cynics with a penchant for old movies

Woody Allen: Gentiles who wouldn’t mind being Jewish (and vice versa)

Stanley Kubrick: Kids who just got their first camera

Quentin Tarantino: People who insist on demonstrating their cinephilia by incessantly quoting movies

Richard Linklater: Slackers

Wong Kar-Wai: Hip jet-setters




sick pic of us killin it

when will tumblr stop romanticising me being forced out into the fukinf freezing cold for 45 mins to take pics of my dear pals kissing by a vacuum cleaner shop this is unacceptable behaviour #end3rdwheelphotography2k14


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Love this ghostly image of an Oxford morning in the mist…

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Vittorio de Sica and Enzo Staiola filming Bicycle Thieves (1948)

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The Kid With A Bike - Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne - 2011

Cécile De France, Thomas Doret

We need a hug

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