jonas mekas

as i was moving ahead occasionally i saw brief glimpses of beauty

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this is where my tear ducts began exploding

He is crying because they are beating his best friend.

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Boy soldiers captured in the Battle for Berlin April 1945.

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Nayyirah Waheed


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Indie Anthem
10 Songs. Indie/Alternative
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1. Text Me In The Morning- Neon Trees// 2. Dreaming- Smallpools// 3. Gold- Sir Sly// 4. That Girl- McFly// 5. Electric Feel- MGMT// 6. Cardiac Arrest- Bad Suns// 7. Mason Jar- Smallpools// 8. Cool Kids- Echosmith// 9. Little Games- The Colourist// 10. She Moves In Her Own Way- The Kooks//


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